JMC Cleaning Services

Board of Directors

Debra Cito - Chairman & Founder

Joseph Cito Sr. - Founder

Lecretia Haag - Retired Partner

Ronald Haag - Retired Partner

Our Team

Debra Cito - President

Debbie is very active day to day, in every aspect of Managing JMC.  She holds character and integrity paramount, and those attributes are reflected throughout the Company- in every department, and in every decision.  Her years of climbing the ladder in the industry provide her with decades of experience, and a “hands on” insight, that can only be achieved by having personally “been there and done that”.  In addition, Debbie holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida, and an MBA from Rollins College.

Joe Cito - CEO

Joe maintains an active and hands on role in the Company’s Quality Control, Customer Relations and Corporate Strategic Planning.  As a Founder with over 35 years Industry experience, his wisdom and insight guides corporate decision making. Joe has attended numerous Industry Schools, Conferences and Seminars, and holds several Industry Certifications as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida, and a Masters in Administration from Tampa University.

Rick Stephens - Executive Vice President

Rick serves as JMC’s Executive Vice President, overseeing JMC’s entire Operations Management team.  Joining the Company as a part time cleaner in 1994, and working his way up through the ranks,  Rick  boasts over 21 years of experience of working throughout the State of Florida.  Rick has transitioned numerous Multi-Tenant and Multi-Countywide projects, and his knowledge of Operations, Administration and Quality Assurance proves invaluable in assuring a smooth transition of Customers and Vendors.  

Rick’s effort to provide outstanding service has been recognized by local leaders in the Tampa community and he has personally received recognition from Tampa's Mayor Dick Greco, Tampa's Chief of Police, and the Westshore Alliance for efforts to curb crime in the Westshore Business District.  Rick has at one time or another performed almost every job function, has attended several Industry specific Schools, and he has earned numerous additional Industry Certifications, Awards, and Credentials.

Kathy Hough - Office Manager

Kathy is an integral and highly valued member of JMC’s team, with over 30 years of Accounting and Customer Service experience.  As Office Manager, Kathy is the cog in the wheel for all JMC communications with Customers, Clients, and the entire JMC team.   She also handles Accounts Payable and Receivables for the business.  

Teresa Hillenbrand - Corporate Trainer

Teresa has over 25 years of Industry experience.  She serves as an Operations Manager and Corporate Trainer developing training manuals, insuring safety and OSHA requirements, and has been certified for OSHA training on Blood Borne Pathogens, Hazcom, Lock out - Tag Out, High Reach, Confined Space, Asbestos and can even drive a fork lift. Her areas of expertise include Quality Control Management, Safety and OSHA Compliance Management, and Corporate Training.  Teresa’s extensive training experience guides the JMC team.

Frank Camacho - Senior Operations Manager

Frank has served on the JMC team since 1998. Prior to that he held supervisory and management positions within the industry, representing an additional 10 years of janitorial service. Frank is an active participant in JMC’s corporate philosophy of continuous “in service” training.  Frank is bilingual and is adept at being able to work and communicate well with everyone involved at all levels, from entry-level employees to the Presidents of the companies we serve. His customer service skills are impeccable, and he exemplifies the JMC corporate philosophy of "We Promise Performance”.  Frank is highly respected in the Industry.

Jenny Bonilla - Marketing Manager

Jenny had worked for JMC Services for 6 years and has now returned to Florida to work for JMC again. She holds a BA in Marketing Management from a college in New York. Jenny assists with Corporate sales by researching and developing leads, producing and submitting proposals and maintaining the company database. She also works with the HR department to help take care of any issues the employees might be facing in their personal lives and organizing our monthly Non-Profit services to be part of making a difference in the community.

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