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Community Involvement - How We Give Back


INVOLVED as RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS in our COMMUNITIES - JMC absolutely is passionate and dedicated to “giving back”.  JMC’s corporate goal is to participate in one service project a month.

JMC seeks not only to support multiple charities and organizations, but JMC families as well.  We truly care about our employees in a personal way, striving to acknowledge and support the everyday issues/struggles that affect people’s lives.  Recent examples for a month include:  food gifts sent to two different families dealing with health issues, a “sunshine box” sent to an employee struggling with cancer, a gift basket of books, food, various kinds of coffee (he is a coffee lover) and some movies sent to an employee for his Dad who had a stroke, a money sponsorship contribution for two different employee’s children to participate in a charitable camp, and an airline ticket home as an appreciation for outstanding work, to an employee who hasn’t been able to visit his family who live out of the country, in a very long time. We take care of our employees, who in turn, take care of our customers.

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